David Rose Offshore
Team dRo

David Rose is a Kiwi adventurer with a love of sailing and a burning desire to conserve our oceans.

For over two years he has been blending these twin passions into a potent mix called David Rose Offshore.

David Rose Offshore will deliver an unprecedented conservation and education awareness initiative regarding plastics in our oceans and the degradation of the ecology and effects on our society. We call this “Project Plastic Soup” direct to schools and communities across the globe.

David Rose wearing Wave Polarised
Project Plastic Soup is David’s “inspiring wake” that will follow in his path as the second part of David Rose Offshore unfolds:

A four year sailing campaign to compete in a minimum of 9 very high profile global Open 60 yacht races beginning in October 2010 with the Velux 5 Oceans and culminating in 2012 when he will become one of the first ever New Zealanders to compete in the “Everest” of the seas, The Vendee Globe, solo non-stop, without assistance around the world.

dRO - Inspiring Wake