4PRO Sports Frames

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy an expensive pair of sunglasses that look great and perform well, to endure discomfort or headaches from ill-fitting frames? Equally frustrating is the need to constantly readjust your sunglasses because of slipping or poor fit.

4PRO frames have been developed by Kiwis for athletes who demand the very best performance from their eyewear. We sought the valuable input of sports people from a variety of disciplines including cricket, cycling and golf throughout the development of our eyewear range. Two of the key members of our research team include John Wright and Mathew Sinclair. Members of the New Zealand cricket team choose 4PRO because not only do they gain an incredible visual advantage, they can also trust them to stay put even when driving through the air to make a catch.

Whatever your preference for shape or fit, our extensive range of frames offers the perfect solution.

Lightweight yet incredibly resilient and durable, 4PRO frames incorporate a memory that prevents stretching or warping. Even after being bent, the frame returns to its original shape and strength.

* Lightweight
* Designed to last
* Incredibly comfortable
* Returns to original shape even after bending
* Designed by Kiwis to meet the demands of athletes around the world
* Extensive selection of sizes and styles
* UV resistant
* Frame materials tested and approved to NFEN1836/ENISO12870 requirements
* FDA and BSA approved.

4PRO Magnum and Magnum-L Frames

Lightweight magnesium-alloy frames with spring hinges. Fashionable.