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The 4PRO Ultra Performance Range is made with NXT® - the best lenses available in the world. Developed in the USA in the early 90’s, NXT® is a stronger, lighter alternative to polycarbonate. Bullet-proof and virtually unbreakable, NXT® was originally developed to provide superior protection and performance for the military and is used in airplane and helicopter windshields.

With superior transparency, clarity and zero-distortion, NXT® lenses offer unparalleled vision and comfort and are created through a process known as casting. Casting ensures low internal stress, high optical quality and thermal & mechanical stability. NXT® lenses are resistant to such chemicals as methylated spirits, acetone and alcohol. All 4PRO Ultra Performance NXT® lenses are photochromatic and guaranteed unbreakable for life.

4PRO NXT® VARIA COPPER lens offers incredible versatility. In dim overcast conditions it transmits 46% of visible light, greatly improving your contrast. In bright sunlight the lens actually turns from copper to grey. Very popular with golfers, skiers and other sports where dim light conditions are part of the code, such as mountain biking, orienteering etc. Category 1-3.

4PRO NXT® VARIA AMBER - in overcast or low light conditions this lens provides increased contrast. Glare reduction is exceptional as the lens reduces blue light (the main component of glare) by 95% and allows you to spot the most subtle changes in the surrounding terrain. Reading the greens becomes far easier, as does picking out the changes in the texture of the grass and the direction of the grain. Category 1-3.

4PRO NXT® VARIA GREEN is our general purpose secret weapon. This lens was specially developed for golf, and the same advantages in discerning the changes in terrain as Varia Amber, thereby improving your ability to read the greens. Varia Green reduces 90% of blue light, so glare is reduced significantly, while depth perception, distance perception and contrast are all improved. Both Amber and Green are in hot demand from pro golfers and cricketers. This lens is worn by dozens of cricket umpires and feedback from them indicates that their ability to pick out either the red or white ball is increased by up to 20% against all backgrounds. Category 2-3.

* 4PRO’S Ultra Performance lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life.
* Zero distortion.
* Lightweight (20% lighter than polycarbonate).

What is the difference between NXT® and Polycarbonate?

They are both high impact optical polymers. NXT® is a thermosetting polymer, does not melt when heated and keeps its original shape. Polycarbonate s a thermoplastic material, it warps permanently if subjected to mechanical stress when heated. NXT® has superior optical homogeneity because it has a lower Refractive Index and a higher ABBE number, while having no internal stress, lower surface reflection, higher definition and sharper images.