4PRO Professional Performance polycarbonate lenses have been developed in conjunction with the most innovative specialist manufacturers in the industry. You simply won’t find eyewear that offers better clarity and comfort. 4PRO lenses are not only shatterproof and shock resistant, they also absorb all radiation up to 400nm (nanometers) which means you’re 100% protected from UV rays at all levels.

All 4PRO Professional Performance lenses are photochromatic lenses, designed to automatically darken or lighten as surrounding conditions change. Without you even noticing it, your sunglasses adjust to provide perfect vision whatever the weather.

Apex C06 Silver - Variable Clear to Brown lens
VARIABLE CLEAR TO BROWN is 4PRO’s most recent development and remains completely clear until exposed to UV. When activated, it darkens to a brown tint, removing a lot of the blue light which contributes to glare. An ideal lens for varying conditions and those overcast days where the sun breaks through occasionally. Category 0-2.

Zone C01 Black - Variable Clear to Grey lens
VARIABLE CLEAR TO GREY remains completely clear when not in the sun, however exposure to the sunlight activates the lens which develops a shade of vermillion (purple/grey). This lens offers excellent contrast without altering natural colours. Category 0-2.

Wave C06 Silver - Variable Brown Lens
VARIABLE BROWN reduces blue light and cuts glare, works well in variable light conditions and allows excellent contrast. It reduces blue light significantly and is excellent for determining shadows and contours in terrain.
Category 1-3.

Zone C06 Silver - Variable Smoke Lens
VARIABLE SMOKE lens is neutral in colour, darkening to a greyish tint during strong light conditions while lightening in darker conditions. With colour perception unaffected, the Variable Smoke lens is a good general purpose lens for variable light control without compromising contrast. Category 1-3.

Apex C06 Silver - Variable Orange-L lens
VARIABLE ORANGE reduces blue light and increases contrast which improves depth and distance perception and object definition. Category 1-3.