Bill Hohepa wearing 4PRO

Heading out for a day on the water? Catch the big one with 4PRO Professional Marine Polarised lenses. Not only do our lenses eliminate glare and reflection, they also offer you 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. All our polarised lenses feature anti-reflective coating to eliminate back-glare and Flash Silver Mirror treatment to enhance the filtering properties.

4PRO’s Polarised G-15 GREEN lens is the perfect general purpose option for all water based activities and is a very relaxing driving lens. Transmittance is 17%.

While polarised lenses are perfect for water sport, we recommend that you choose non-polarised lenses if your sport requires depth perception such as golf, skiing or ball sports.

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Crew wearing 4PRO
The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Crew wear 4PRO High Performance Eyewear.

Paramedics and crew wear the Wave with Polarised G-15 Green lens. Pilots wear the Medalist with the NXT® Varia Green lens.