As you place a pair of 4PRO High Performance sunglasses in front of your eyes, you’ll instantly discover that they’re like no others you’ve ever worn. You’ll begin to see the world with crystal clarity, seemingly mono-toned greens suddenly show themselves in a spectrum of hues while subtle shades of reds, blues and yellows stand out with strengthened intensity, bringing the world into sharp focus.

John Lister & Sir Bob Charles John Hart

4PRO know that incredible vision requires incredible comfort, that’s why our frames are so comfortable - you’ll forget you are even wearing them. Whether you’re diving to catch a cricket ball that’s just flown off the bat at 150kph, or concentrating behind the wheel of the car, in rain or shine, 4PRO’s comfort and superior performance is unmatched.

Bill Hohepa Evo Defence

Developed in conjunction with some of New Zealand’s most demanding athletes, the 4PRO High Performance range employs the most advanced technology available to the industry. You’ll see the range being worn by members of the New Zealand cricket team, top golfers, Auckland Rescue Helicopter crew, Nelson/Marlborough Rescue Helicopter crew and anyone who demands superior quality eyewear. While traditional sunglasses simply reduce the amount of light entering the eye, 4PRO High Performance Eyewear use specifically developed tints and leading-edge technology to dramatically enhance definition and improve depth perception.The range includes both NXT® and optical grade polycarbonate lenses, each providing 100% UV protection while remaining shatterproof and shock resistant.

Auckland Rescue

Nelson/Marlborough Rescue

Mark Brown wore 4PRO Pursuit when he won the Johnny Walker Open 2008